Start loving Mondays!

Can you relate?


You’re tired of feeling unhappy, undervalued and unfulfilled at work? 


You know you’re meant to do more but you’re totally confused not knowing what it is you should be doing?


You’re scared to make any changes, and fear of failure is keeping you stuck?


You want to find out what truly lights you up and what you’re meant to be doing?


You’re so ready to take a leap and do things differently


It's all possible for you. I'll show you how!


Here's what you're going to learn:


  • The biggest reasons people are unfulfilled at work


  • The #1 thing you must do to find a career you love


  • My step-by-step process to landing your dream job



Workshop length: 25 minutes

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Hi there, I’m Jenny! 
Certified Life & Mindset Coach & Mentor and NLP Master Coach 
Not too long ago, my reality was being in a full-time corporate job. I knew for a while that I was meant to do more, but I had no clue what that was. 

I know how difficult it can be to find a career that's right for you and that makes you want to jump out of bed every morning. It's not just about finding that career based on your values, passions and skills but also going for it. It definitely takes courage and some mindset shifts.


I created this free mini course because I want to help you get there, too. I love to see you succeed and I'm very excited to support you and to be a part of your journey.


See you soon!


What people say...

"This course is epic and exactly what I needed. I was miserable at work and never thought I could find something that would actually make me happy. I know without this course I would still be where I was. Best investment I've made!!"

Leanne S.


"I'm about to turn 40 in a few months, and to say that I have felt undervalued and unfulfilled in my career for a while is an understatement! It feels like the right time to make a big change, but I never would have taken the leap without your support! THANK YOU for helping me remember what lights me up so I can live a more purposeful life, which I know makes me a better mom, too!"

Katie J.

"As a multi-passionate woman, busy mom of 3, and someone who has gone through several careers lost and confused, I am FINALLY getting the clarity I have been searching for."
Nicci B.
"I'm an Entrepreneur and a mom of 7 and sometimes I feel a ton of stress and anxiety. I sometimes struggle with believing in myself and believing in my goals.Thank you so much for this course. I feel like a better business owner and a better mom!"
Sami G.